Laurier BBA graduate speaks to the importance of having a ‘positive outlook on life’


While knowledge acquired from the classroom is a phenomenal asset, nothing can compare with experience from the real world.

For Laurier alumnus Mark Moses (BBA ’87), this statement has proven to be very true. An incredibly accomplished entrepreneur, Moses has made quite the name for himself since graduation.

Today, Moses came to Laurier’s Paul Martin Centre, as a part of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Speaker Series, to share his experiences as an entrepreneur and some of the lessons that he has learned.

After selling his highly successful company Student Painters in 1992, Moses began his next venture, Platinum Capital Group in Southern California in 1993.

The company grew exponentially in the following years, earning the title of the number one fastest growing company in the city of Los Angeles, and the number 10 spot on the Inc. 500 List.

Of course, these accomplishments did not come without obstacles, ranging from bankruptcy to family matters. Moses credits his, “positive outlook on life” for allowing him to move forward and overcome adversity.

There is little doubt, though, that a positive attitude is not the sole reason for Mark Moses’ success. Throughout his career, Moses has demonstrated an unparalleled business savvy.

Throughout the presentation, which received a substantial turnout, Moses constantly referenced the 12 lessons of business that he claims are the most integral component of finding success in the world of business.

Among some of the most important lessons that he shared, Moses stated that, “Having a trustworthy advisory board and business coach are very important. These people will give you invaluable advice and guidance that you will need.”

Loyalty, or lack thereof, is an issue that Mark Moses is all too familiar with. In October of 1996, his business partner at Platinum Capital Group left to open up his own competing firm, taking half of the company’s employees with him.

This turn of events taught Moses the importance of “trusting your gut, and acknowledging red flags.” Because he failed to do so, he was forced to come up with some creative ideas to salvage the company.

At Platinum Capital Group’s annual meeting in 1997, Moses rode in on an elephant, proclaiming that the company was going to ‘Think Big” in terms of growth.

Of all of the lessons that Moses discussed during his presentation, he explained that “Learning how to make time for the important things in life and prioritizing.

In 2004, Moses’ young son was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Instantly, his career was put on the backburner.

Thankfully his son has since made a full recovery, but the perspective that it gave him was invaluable. Moses sold his company in 2006 in order to make time for his family, his speaking engagements, and his new passion, Ironman triathlons.

Currently touring the United States and Canada for his entrepreneurship lecture series, Moses expressed his excitement about being back at his alma matter, stating that “this presentation has, by far, been the one I have been most looking forward too.”

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