Laurier grads involved in vulgar comments made toward City News reporter

(Screen shot courtesy of City News)
(Screen shot courtesy of City News)

One of the men in a viral video shouting obscene and vulgar comments at City News reporter Shauna Hunt on Sunday at a Toronto FC game was identified as Shawn Simoes, a former Wilfrid Laurier University student.

Simoes was also a member of the men’s soccer team from 2003-05, and reportedly had a tryout with TFC in the past.

In the video, Simoes is confronted by Hunt about what he was saying and what his mother would think, to which he responded that his mom would “die laughing eventually.”

Simoes’ employer, Hydro One, said it is “taking steps to terminate Simoes” for violating the company’s code of conduct. Simoes was also on the Sunshine List in 2014 with a salary of $106,000.

Laurier issued a statement late Tuesday afternoon, saying the university “strongly condemns the extremely offensive and discriminatory comments” made at the game.

“Laurier is deeply disappointed that Laurier alumni were associated with this incident,” the statement said.

The second individual involved in the confrontation was identified as Ryan Hart, also a Laurier graduate.

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