KW in brief: Nov. 24, 2010

Ward 9 recount applied for

Kitchener candidate for Ward 9 Debbie Chapman has applied for a manual recount after losing the councillorship of the ward by one vote.

According to the Waterloo Region Record, Chapman believes that some voters marked more than one candidate on the ballot and that those votes could have been potentially counted incorrectly. Chapman only needs only two votes to be added to her favour in order to take the seat from the currently-elected Frank Etherington.

A digital recount on Nov. 3 already confirmed Etherington’s win. A hearing in the Superior Court scheduled for Dec. 16 will determine if a manual recount is necessary.

UW plans to design better entrance to campus

On Nov. 23, the University of Waterloo launched a design competition to improve the main entrance to the campus at University Avenue and Seagram Drive.

The competition is open to teams of undergraduate and graduate students that must be formed from at least two different areas of study. The Provost’s office intends to put $100,000 toward the winning plan that will be selected in May 2011.

The proposals must be ready for submission by February and must include a vision for the the next three to ten years.

Blatchford schedules return

Outspoken journalist and author Christie Blatchford will be returning to the University of Waterloo on Dec. 7 after her last lecture was disrupted by protesters.

On Nov. 12, invited to speak about her new book Helpless: Caledonia’s Nightmare of Fear and Anarchy, Blatchford had to abandon her presentation as protestors yelled “racist” while sitting on the stage.

Woman charged for fraudulent limo service

A 36-year-old Brantford woman was charged by Waterloo Regional Police for running a fraudulent limousine service. The police had received complaints from people who were dealing with Bellagio Limousines regarding having paid deposits and not receiving rides.

Landlords outraged at unpaid water bills

Cambridge landlords are claiming that it is illegal for them to be forced to pay the water bills of “deadbeat” tenants. According to the Waterloo Region Record, the issue will be raised in the Dec. 13 city council meeting where the newly elected council will decide whether to continue charging property owners for unpaid hydro bills or whether a new system needs to be established.

–All compiled by Linda Givetash