June 30, 2010


June, 2003 – 500 extra students accepted

Despite being a small number by today’s standards, Laurier accepted an extra 500 students in 2003, pushing the number of undergraduate students in attendance to close to 10,000. 3,441 students accepted their offers with only 3,020 spaces available for first-years.

June, 2006 – Theme residence hits WLU

20 new Laurier students were housed in a new residence that was designed to foster a “leadership environment.” The Regina Residence hosted the Living Learning Community (LLC) and was meant to give students a high level of involvement in their first year.

September, 2008 – Turret bans underagers

Those under the legal limit were no longer allowed into what was once an all-ages club on campus. Problems with liquor licenses and underage drinking were cited as reasons for the change.

September, 2008 – Meal plan changes

Starting in this year, students were only allowed to carry forward a maximum of $500 on their OneCard, which expired at the end of their first semester of second year.

June, 2008 – Single rooms converted to doubles

Residential services was forced to convert some single bedrooms in Bricker Residence into double rooms to accommodate a rise in first-year attendees. Typically the school had 2,556 applicants for residence and only approximately 2,275 beds. Other accommodations including converting living rooms into dorms and moving international students to off-campus housing also accommodated the increase in students.

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