June 30, 2010

If someone hated their dog they would treat them in these conditions.”
—Dan Kellar, Laurier alum on the treatment of those detained during last weekend’s G20 protests

Well, you also have lint in your pocket, it doesn’t mean it’s useful, right?”
—Director John Pryce, while questioning the new WLUSU smartphone application

The thing that no one has clued in to in all of this is that Brantford is a mecca for global tourism.”
—Defender of Brantford heritage buildings Erich Davies on the the potential tourism industry in Brantford

“That’s coming out of the Student Life Levy, so all of the students are paying for that.”
–Kyle Walker, WLUSU president, on the $48,000 approved for purchasing eight LCD screens to be installed in the Fred Nichols Campus Centre

“I believe we’re running Bill’s feed through Hawking’s synthesizer.”
–Paul Wells, Maclean’s blogger, regarding technical difficulties in hearing Canadian press reporter Bill Graveland calling from Afghanistan via Skype

“I have no friends, I’m a journalist.”
–Patrick Martin, Middle East bureau chief for the Globe and Mail.