Jan. 12, 2011

Bring them to brown Jesus; I have them
right here!” —Saad Aslam, VP of
university affairs for WLUSU, asking
board members to take their Secret
Santa presents to him for distribution

“When I was just starting in the band, I didn’t have a whole lot going for me. I was into hacky sack and smoking weed, so who knows where I’d be now. Probably in jail.”
—Rich Beddoe, Finger Eleven

“You’d pay these huge amounts of money for tuition and what you get out of it is you show up and you have a guy talking at you for an hour.”
—Mike Silagadze, founder and CEO of Top Hat Monocle, regarding the problems with the current teaching model in universities

“The seasons don’t overlap too much so we can share the love between baseball and hockey because I know during the off-season I’m all about hockey, it’s a great sport.”
—Jays Catcher J.P. Arrencibia re: baseball competing with hockey in Canada

“Other than maybe a cell phone plan change and not being able to find a few things that you can get in the States, it’s really just been an incredible experience being able to be a part of such a great city.”
—Jays outfielder Travis Snider re: adjusting to living in Canada