It’s time to think forward

Too often in life we are faced with times of disappointment. This can be the result of a goal that wasn’t accomplished or a plan that didn’t work out in your favour. It’s moments like these where it is all too easy to feel defeated and want to give up. But there’s nothing more important than to keep your head up and look forward.

In the famous words of Paulo Coelho in The Alchemist, “When you have a personal journey, the whole world conspires to help you reach that goal.” As cliché as it sounds, everything does happen for a reason.

(photo by Cristina Rucchetta).
(photo by Cristina Rucchetta).

While we may not understand why our plan didn’t succeed or all the hard work we put into something didn’t pay off, there is a reason for it.  As university students, we are encouraged to always think about our future in order to establish who we are and what we do today.

While it’s easier said than done, a simple way to start is to explore your interests and dedicating yourself to discovering how to maximize these. Whether that means joining a club on campus or exploring your options at the Career Centre, it can mark a significant step in determining where you want to be.

Forward thinking is another key factor in mastering the art of healthy active living. Exercising on a daily basis may not make us feel great in the moment; the benefits will be evident in the long term. You slowly start to feel more energized or find yourself reaching your goal while establishing a good workout schedule.

In the same light, making the effort to “eat healthy” can be a vague goal but is easily accomplished with a lot of dedication. This involves some serious forward thinking in order to establish a pattern.

While some of our young bodies don’t feel the effects of the McDonald’s you ate last week or the sweets and junk food you have every week, it will catch up to you.

Thinking forward may be a bit daunting but it can help us get through some pretty tough times. How else are you going to be able to see the silver lining?

Autumn Smith runs her own radio show, The Healthy Hawk on Radio Laurier. A show dedicated to promoting quality of life among the Laurier community. It airs every Monday at 7:00 p.m. where she discusses ways to eat healthy on a student budget, fun and easy ways to fit exercise into the student schedule, tips concerning academics and studying and matters concerning personal well-being and relationships.

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