It’s time to spice up your burgers


(Graphic by Shannon Millar)
(Graphic by Shannon Millar)

The past week brought us a little taste of warm weather and shed a little hope on the fact that spring and summer are just around the corner.Instead of wishing away the rest of the school year, it is time to be proactive about summer’s most important feature: burgers.

Most people will settle for the plainest burgers on planet earth. This includes ketchup, relish, mustard — and that about sums it up. Can you say snooze fest? Why not give your taste buds a little kick and spice up your burger decorating habits this summer.

We here at The Cord have graciously taken the time to figure out some creatively scrumptious burger add-ons that will be sure to take your love of burgers to the next level.

So give your same-old condiments a rest and shake it up with one of the following inventive combinations. You’ve heard the saying: you can’t build a house without a good foundation, right? This can be applied to the creation of your burgers.

Former Magna Golf Club chef and food enthusiast, Chris Newman, claims that this is the easiest way to spice up a burger.  “In order to make the best burger, you need to use good ground beef,” Newman said. “You have to properly season the meat with salt and pepper to bring out all the flavour possible.”

It’s not rocket science people.

Add Some Avocado
Have you ever been eating guacamole and thought: “This would taste great on a burger.” If no, we highly recommend that you try adding it to your patty the next time you fire up the grill.

Mash up a few avocados with a touch of garlic and lemon and whip it until it becomes smooth and thick. Spread the avocado on either your bun or patty and top it off with a little cheese and, of course, some bacon. Adding tomato and lettuce also can’t hurt. The burger BLT just got a makeover.

Switch the cheese up
Cheddar is boring. Your palates will be so used to that mild flavour before we even get into May.

Try a new cheese that will bring out more life and taste to your burger. Goat cheese is perhaps the best thing to add to a lackluster burger. It is distinctive, yet mild. The slight tang and creamy texture will accent the rest of your condiments.

Thankfully, you don’t have to limit yourself to just goat cheese. Alternatives such as gouda, blue and brie are all good substitutes.

“I am always adventurous when it comes to cheeses,” claimed Newman. You should be too.
Customize to perfection
What are your favourite things to eat? Onion rings? Peanut butter? Potato chips? Cucumbers? Good, toss them on your burger. Experimenting is the way to find your favourite burger creation. It isn’t hard to caramelize a few onions, add some BBQ sauce and indulge in the best thing to ever hit your burger buds.

“The weirdest and best thing I have had on a burger is foie gras, or in other words, force-fed duck liver,” shared Newman.

If it sounds crazy, it is meant to be added to your burger. Happy grilling, friends.

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