In review: I Am Number Four

The latest DreamWorks picture, I Am Number Four comes to us from director D.J. Caruso and co-producer Michael Bay who have seemingly put together a film for fans of terrible Glee acting and cheesy alien science fiction.

Let me start off by saying that I Am Number Four really sucks. It’s downright terrible. This movie is for teenagers, something you can bring your little brother or sister to.

The plot of this spectacular crap fest takes off with some intense chase scenes between some overly acrobatic humans and an alien monster dog that looks curiously similar to every other alien monster you’ve probably seen. In fact, about every “baddy” or “villain” in this movie is a complete and obvious rip off.

As the movie progresses we see John (played by Alex Pettyfer) and his guardian Timothy Olyphant moving from town to town evading killer aliens bent on their destruction.

John soon discovers that he also has new and mysterious alien powers that allow him to shoot light from his hands like Iron Man. Basically whenever a hopeless situation arises John’s alien powers miraculously comes into play solving everything.

All of this action is placed over the backdrop of your formulaic high school coming-of-age story. In fact, most scenes in the movie revolve between alien action and this predictable adolescent plot.

Every romantic scene between John and his female counter part Sarah (played by Glee’s Dianna Agron) is an utter bore and contributes nothing to the film.

Furthermore, I Am Number Four relies too heavily on its large budget and and even larger explosions typical of everything Micheal Bay touches.

I urge you to not see this movie, every person that goes to see it contributes to the potential of more of them.

0.5 stars/4