‘I’m graduating, now what?’

(graphic Stephanie Truong).
(graphic Stephanie Truong).

For many of us, a significant part of our lives have been geared toward the preparation for graduation. University was what you were always reaching for, and once you were here, graduation was the end goal.
Well, it’s finally here so now what?
The moment we’ve worked towards for so long. So what happens now that we are faced with this moment when a large part of our identity completely changes? We are no longer classified as a student; we no longer need to extensively study to prepare ourselves for the real world.
The scary truth is that a sort of identity crisis is on the rise. While many of us are moving along to the workplace or a graduate or masters program, the change is still prevalent. For the many years we’ve been here we have established a life surrounding this school, these friends, and this town. And now it all changes.
If you’re like me you’ve had a countdown going since the beginning of the semester, but in reality, the end is bittersweet. You are so ready to leave the books behind, but don’t be so quick to throw it all away, remember all the great things you’ve accomplished here, the people you’ve met and the person Laurier has shaped you into.
Before the anxiety sets in, it’s important to look forward to the new beginning. Dwelling on inevitable change is never productive so focus on the opportunities that await. Even though heading into more schoolwork isn’t exactly riveting, it’s still a new experience to look forward to. So is the relentless search for employment.
Whatever it is you decide to do will be your own adventure. The world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless. While it’s hard to remove ourselves from the Laurier bubble, break out and think big; there is more beyond these four corners.
My suggestion? Try to stick around for a little longer with your friends. Plan a week after exams for an epic farewell adventure around the town. Do everything you’ll miss one last time before you pack up and move on.
Don’t look now, but real life is at your doorstep.

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