How to stay motivated throughout online courses

As the global pandemic looms over us, it may feel difficult to focus on our university courses. In addition to the regular stress of university, there are feelings of anxiety and uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and its effects on our daily lives. 

Now that courses are delivered online, we have shifted to a synchronous and asynchronous learning environment. This academic year involves a lot of trial and error, as well as confusion, uncertainty and stress for everyone. However, there are strategies to manage these feelings that might help you feel more prepared to tackle your courses.

There are many strategies for minimizing stress and bringing peace of mind to your study space. First, buy a planner or calendar. Visualizing your due dates and tests right in front of you will allow you to remember these dates and feel more prepared. University goes by fast, and you need to make sure to stay on top of things! 

Next, make sure you know what is happening this week and the following week to help better manage your time. If you have a big assignment due next week with many other tests and quizzes, start the  assignment this week. 

Every learning strategist will tell you that managing your time will help tremendously. It’s very easy to feel overwhelmed with assignments coming in each week, but it’s important to relax and remember that it is possible to finish them all on time. 

As you’ve probably discovered on your own time, post-secondary education requires a lot of studying, but the environment you’re in can heavily impact your mood and ability to focus. Therefore, it’s essential to find or make a study space that works best for you. 

This school year is a particularly time to do this since there are no on-campus study spaces available, or even the chance to get out of the house! Try adding decorations in your living space(s) or growing a plant by your window to help brighten up your space. 

To stay motivated, you can incorporate a schedule, one like you would have if the campus were open. You can assign parts of your day for tasks such as asynchronous course material, Zoom lectures, study times and study breaks (hint, this is a great time to break out your daily planner!). 

As we continue with our university education, it may feel weird or off at times as the global pandemic continues, but it’s important the we try to adapt to our new learning environment and learn to be productive in it.

So, what is Laurier doing to help their students transition into a completely virtual learning environment? There are many supports, and you guessed it, online! 

There are articles on the Laurier website about the transition to online learning, and everyone seems to be learning about online Zoom lectures and assignments. Check out Laurier’s Remote Learning: Student Support Hub to learn more and for access to these supports. Good luck Golden Hawks!

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