How to make the most of your Halloween weekend

Halloween is that time of year that perfectly blends the haunting chills of the night with the pure pleasure of dressing up. Since childhood we grew up with the notion that if you wore a costume, you would end the night with garbage bags full of delicious treats. Without a doubt, our idea of “fun” has changed over the years, but the pursuit of having the best Halloween ever is still evident.
Yet, year after year everyone reaches midnight either at home or an outing without fully taking advantage of this awesome day. I feel that to have the best Halloween you could possibly have, you must fully immerse yourself in the Halloween theme and spirit.

The first step to taking full advantage of Halloween is to create the perfect atmosphere. Embellish your Halloween with spooky decorations; lace cobwebs in the corners of the room or place a tombstone on your front lawn.
And let’s not forget the easiest way to blend theme with personal style — costumes. Every year I try to use different costumes and concepts to express my inner ghoul. My motto: the more unique and effort you put into your costume, the better. Co-ordinate with friends to imitate your darkest fears and favourite characters. Let’s not pull a Big Bang Theory, shall we? The Flash is always cool, but multiples? Not so much. And I insist, if it’s cold, please use common sense. Dress warm, not “slutty” when it’s less than ten degrees celsius. Believe me, your efforts will be in vain if you’re shivering the whole time.

To fit that final touch on your place for Halloween, during your free time (not when studying for mid-terms, of course), it’s fun to carve mini-pumpkins to place in front of your door or even make some pumpkin pie. Ultimately, if you immerse yourself in the Halloween theme, it embraces you back.

Another crucial step is definitely to have plans for that weekend, if not just the day itself. Many of us lose the opportunity to take hold of the experience by refraining from events earlier in the day. One great way to spend Halloween is by helping out with Halloween for Hunger. Relive your childhood while also helping out your local community. As well, at one point or another, all of us are guilty of deciding to make plans at the last minute. While this usually works on numerous occasions, in the case of Halloween, I suggest making plans in advance.

Admittance into Halloween-themed events usually fills up quite fast. Get out of your comfort zone and use this opportunity to check out a new club or bar if you’re legal. Halloween is the hotbed of social experiences; you can meet new people by breaking the ice and asking them about their costume. In the end, having an event to go to, be it going to a small party or dancing in a large-scale club can make or break your Halloween experience.

Lastly, make sure you stay responsible. If you’re going to get drunk, think about staying away from residential communities. We don’t want to scare small children now. They are innocent and just want to get pumped off sugar. In addition, never forget, always bring a group of friends, wingman …or wingwoman (thumbs up) and like your mother always says, don’t drink and drive.

Halloween comes once a year, so take advantage of this holiday and immerse yourself in its spirit and history. By creating the perfect atmosphere, having concrete plans for the day and acting responsibly, you will undoubtedly make your Halloween memorable.

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