How to dress to impress

It’s important to remember to apply the proper accessory to your outfit. Laying it out the night before can help.

Photo by Zoe Nguyen
Photo by Zoe Nguyen

For as long as I can remember, I have always shown up to school slightly overdressed. That didn’t change when I started university.

Whenever people think of life after high school, often stereotypical images of sleep-deprived students in sweatpants and university-logoed sweaters are some of the first things that come to mind. With all-nighters, a sea of midterms and never-ending assignments, it is no wonder why fashion and self-maintenance are often put on the backburner.

I don’t own sweatpants; I always wake up early to get ready for the day ahead. My idea of dressing casually is wearing a pair of jeans and a cute and comfortable shirt.

I don’t think I’m better than everyone else; what motivates me to be fashionable is feeling good. I don’t feel good about myself when I wear sweatpants — I actually prefer getting dressed up.

I am of the belief that clothes reveal how one feels on a particular day and I want my outfits to reflect me feeling good and confident.

There have been a number of times during the semester when I have not felt motivated about dressing fashionably or putting an effort into my appearance, but I have mastered some tricks to get past that and have found them to be effective.

Something that motivates me to not fall into that “lazy” pattern of rolling out of bed and throwing on a pair of sweatpants is to have an outfit planned the night before and having it laid out. I find this helps motivate me as  up already knowing what I am going to wear, so I don’t have to scramble to assemble something in the morning.

Not only does this save time in your morning routine, but you can also take as much time as you want the night before to plan the outfit and coordinate the  best-suited accessories for it.

After I graduate this year, I will have a job where I am expected to come dressed professionally on a daily basis. Getting into the habit of waking up early to look good and be well dressed will be so much easier when I have a job in the “real world,” as it will be second nature by that time.

Having fun with fashion also motivates me; I love putting together outfits and having the chance to go out and wear them.

Putting an outfit together is only a daunting experience if you let it be I would encourage you to go through your closet and try experimenting with whatever clothing and accessories you may have. It is almost like doing a scavenger hunt and you will discover just how much fun it really is to put your sweatpants away for the day.

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