House donated to WLU for use as global community

On Wednesday, July 8 Wilfrid Laurier University will officially celebrate the donation of a house, which will be used as a residence to create cultural awareness.

Both international and domestic students will be living together in the house, located at 102 Albert St. It will be named Harris Hope House after its donator.

“We always make contributions to other countries but not to America,” said Dr. Ron Harris, who is donating the house in memory of his wife, Joan, who passed away in 2007.

For over 35 years, Harris and his wife provided affordable housing for international students attending WLU. “It just made sense to donate it,” said Harris.

“We had just started renovating the house when my wife passed away, so I decided to donate it.”

To be granted the opportunity to live in the house students will apply through the university.

Entitled the “Global Engagement” residence, the goal is to promote the elimination of discrimination through education.

“In creating this global community, we want to show there is no discrimination between race, religion or education,” said Harris.

The residence will be officially unveiled between 11:30 and 12:30, on Wednesday when WLU president Max Blouw will receive this gift from Harris.