Healthy = happy

(Graphic by Carley McGlynn).

It’s safe to say that when most students walk into the doors of university, they say goodbye to their health and wellness while they say goodbye to their parents. But never fear! With a few simple tips, you’ll be able to keep your academics, your health and your sanity all intact over the next eight months.

Get motivated

Nothing is worse than having to deal with an unmotivated body. You never want to do anything. Whether you’re going out and kicking the ball around Alumni Field, or listening to an awesome pump up song, do something to get yourself motivated and those pounds will jump right off.

Do NOT eat all you can eat

Seems reasonable, right? Especially with the new meal plans, you’ll find it extremely hard not to load up on bags of candy, or four chicken finger wraps in the dining hall.

Try eating in moderation and keeping with the basic food groups. That way, you get all of your nutrients without all of the fat, and still have meals left over to go crazy on pierogie day.

Drink ice water and green tea

I know that the most tempting thing to grab while you’re studying is a Red Bull or a massive coffee. Trust me when I say that you’ll not only be ten times more alert, but you’ll also feel ten times better if you substitute those energy-sucking drinks for these naturally replenishing beverages.

Green tea has antioxidants that flush out your system and make you feel better and ice water speeds up your metabolism while keeping you alert longer. Don’t give up the coffee altogether, but don’t forget the tea, either.

Be active

You’re spending a lot of money to live in residence just minutes away from an Athletic Complex. What’s stopping you from putting on your runners for a couple hours?

The Athletic Complex has added more equipment for working out, and there’s always an open gym to play some ball. Don’t let studying hinder your life.

Get enough Sleep

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a hypocrite when it came to this idea, but it’s true. Sleep is the only thing that will keep your body healthy and alert to do your best in the classroom and be active every day.

If you lose even an hour of sleep, your body may not react well and it could be potentially terrible for you. Take care, and rest your body.

Reduce stress

I know what you’re thinking — “I’m in university, stress COMES with the tuition bill!” That’s not necessarily true.

Time management is key to anything you want to do. If you can tell yourself, “If I do my readings now, I can go out for a run then go out to dinner with my floor tonight,” then you can psychologically push yourself to accomplish your goals. It’s simple to do, but you must be motivated.

Be social

University can really suck sometimes, especially around midterm season. While it’s important to focus on your grades and find a good routine that fits for you, don’t forget that even the hardest working people need a good laugh.

Go out for a drink, go for a walk, watch a movie. Be around people that bring you up and you’ll see that you feel better in no time.

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