Graduates, it’s time to give up old habits

For a large number of students here at Wilfrid Laurier University, May 1st brings an end to their university careers.

For these select individuals, no matter who they are, Laurier gave them potentially the best years of their lives. Not because they won’t be successful in the future, but because they won’t be able to get away with certain luxuries anymore.  You know those things that you did that are only socially acceptable for students? All those undergrad guilty pleasures need to stop once that diploma is handed over.

If you are in fact graduating this year and are unsure of these little luxuries you can no longer get away with, no sweat. Use this list as a survival guide for when the real world actually hits you.

We aren’t saying that there is a one-way map to one day becoming the CEO, but giving up your old university habits will help you snap out of your undergrad habits and hopefully shape you into an adult. Without further ado, here are the things you can no longer get away with after graduating.

Completing tasks at the last minute
How many times have you started and finished an assignment the night before it was due? How many times did you celebrate because that all-nighter got you a B-? Probably too many to count.

Hate to break it to you but, unfortunately, the real world won’t let you get away with only a few late night hours of work. Real life employment tasks require a tad bit more effort and preparation. Trust us.

Taking full days off
Whether you slept through class or didn’t want to leave the house all day in order to complete your Walking Dead marathon, sometimes you can get away with doing nothing.

Unfortunately, after you graduate you can’t afford to. Maybe you’re job hunting, planning a trip to Europe, or applying to grad school, but either way, you can’t totally write off full days anymore.

Eating a lot of pizza
Evaluate your current diet. Now compare it to your diet when you were in elementary school. I’m sure you can notice one major difference. All the pizza. It’s not your fault. Pizza is part of the university diet.

You are constantly reminded how easy, delicious and cheap pizza really is. From Pizza Maniac  to Pizza Pizza and everything in-between, pizza has become its own food group. I’m not saying never have it again, but avoid having it three times a day.

Partying during the week
This may be the toughest to swallow. If Foxy Tuesdays, Phil’s Wednesdays and Chainsaw Thursdays get you fired up, this is going to be hard to hear.

People in the real world rarely get over-the-top drunk in the middle of the week. It just isn’t plausible. They need to get up early to go to work, unlike you, who will skip class, sleep in, and wear sweatpants to go get pizza.

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