GO Train Updates Service for Reading Week

The GO Train service will be shifting its schedule to offer two-way service between Kitchener and Toronto during reading week on Feb. 17 and Feb. 25. This change comes to assist students in their travels both to and from their week on vacation as GO service to Toronto does not often take place over the weekend.  

Impacted bus routes include Waterloo/Mississauga, Guelph/Mississauga, 30 Kitchener, 31 Kitchener, Brampton Trinity Common/North York, York Mills/University of Guelph, Brampton/North York, Orangeville/Brampton, Hamilton GO/Pickering and Oshawa/Oakville. 

For more information, visit GO Transit’s Service Related Updates page at https://www.gotransit.com/en/service-updates/schedule-changes. 

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