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School is quickly approaching. For some, this means the end to relaxing on the beach and the start of long nights and even longer essays. Don’t let the thoughts of exams get you down: half of the fun of school is getting the chance to prepare. However, there are some tips and supplies that will be needed to ensure a successful school year.

When it comes to shopping for school supplies, try to buy them ahead of time and it will help you prepare better if you have all your supplies before school starts. Make a list of the supplies that you use often. This will ensure that you won’t end up with three packs of highlighters that you will not need.

When fourth-year Wilfrid Laurier University student Chloe Stanois, was asked what she would be purchasing she mentioned the basics that are essential to every student.

“Pens, preferably blue pens, because I run out. And sticky notes.” Stanois said.    Stanois also advises students to not rely solely on their laptops, as professors may be against them and will pose as an obvious distraction.

It is important also to be prepared to avoid trips to the tech shop, as warned by Nick Goodfellow, a fourth-year WLU student, who shared that ink and paper will be on his list to ensure these trips are not necessary. Going school supply shopping in the middle of August will be most beneficial as sales make shopping trips bearable.

Once you have your supplies, consider the learning habits you used last year and develop new ones. Make goals for yourself, as it is never too late to start a goal. Use September as a school new year and develop a “New Year resolution,” a chance to work towards your goals.

Fourth-year student Alicia Thompson hopes to develop the habit of starting her assignments ahead of time instead of procrastinating.  Thompson had previously set other study habits for herself that she would like to continue.

“I would go to the library, book out a study room and turn my phone to airplane mode, and this is how I studied,” Thompson said.

School can sometimes seem like an endless amount of stress, but make the most out of your university year, plan ahead, make goals, buy useful supplies and have fun because this is your chance.  Don’t dwell on the stress of the upcoming year.

“For every one stressful moment you have, you get five, ten, [or] 20 amazing moments with friends, it’s more important to focus on those.” Thompson remarked.

Enjoy the most of your summer vacation and take the time to prepare. Remember, for this school “New Year”, make it count that your goals are possible.


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