Fr!nge cancelled


On Jan. 28, WLU Fr!nge’s Facebook page announced that the annual festival would be cancelled.The Facebook post stated, “Unfortunately as the season progressed we had a content drain and we felt, at this point, we could not give our loyal fans value for their money with such a short run-time for too few productions.”

What started as a week-long festival fueled by the former drama program, Fr!inge in its current incarnation is a weekend-long festival filled with student generated plays and short films. The festival was the WLU chapter of Fr!nge festivals that take place around the world. Typically held during the last weekend in January, this is the first time in recent memory that Fr!nge has been cancelled. Luke Dotto, one of the co-producers for Fr!nge this year, is understandably disappointed in the decision for the cancellation.

“It’s unfortunate,” said Dotto. “Every year we’d like to have a full festival of fantastic student plays and films, but the reality is that student commitments gets in the way. This is tough with a campus with not a lot of artistic outlets to find people who are looking for that outlet.”

Dotto also confirmed that the cancellation was due to lack of content. Last year’s festival featured four plays and four short films, however this year the show only had three confirmed plays. The producers therefore felt there was not enough content to put on a full and diverse show. When asked about the future of Fr!nge, Dotto confirmed that, as of right now, it will be running next year. They have plans to expand Fr!nge from simply plays and short films to anything performance based, such as slam poetry or improvisation. “As regrettable as it is, it is a necessary decision”, ended Dotto.

Anyone that would like to contribute to Fr!nge or would simply like to know more about Fr!nge festival can contact

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