Forest City Lovers entertain small but satisfied crowd


Last Saturday, the Forest City Lovers filled the old Grist Mill with their worm folk vibes.
It was a very different setting from traditional local shows, mostly due to the absence of a bar.
The audience of about 50 all sat attentively on the floor, enjoying the three act show, which commenced at about 7:30.

This particular show was a treat for the music enthusiast, being able to enjoy the show without common burdens, such as music 30 decibels too high or rowdy drunks getting in the way.

The Forest City Lovers played a seemingly flawless 40 minute show, with front-woman Kat Burns impressively switching between playing keyboard and guitar from song to song, while maintaining her role as lead singer.

She made the challenging task look easy.

The actual sound quality was just as excellent, with no instrument seemingly too loud or drowned out.

The song selection was off their recent album Carriage, their second on the esteemed Canadian label Arts & Crafts (home to bands like Broken Social Scene, Stars and Constantines).

Some of these songs included, “If I Were a Tree” and crowd favourite “Pocketful of Rocks.”

The Toronto-based band cryptically takes their name from the film Dances With Wolves and cited Neil Young as one of their main influences, aspiring to be as “vocally diverse” as the Canadian music legend.

Speaking with The Cord, Burns explained that she got her start at school, writing solo material.

Looking to the future, she said that the band’s goals are to “make interesting, thoughtful music” while maintaining a healthy level of creativity.

The band will be touring across Canada and the United States, with a date in Toronto on Nov. 5.

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