Fitness Centre reopens as Laurier’s Athletic department begins their phased return

Wilfrid Laurier’s Department of Athletics and Recreation began the first phase of it’s staggered return to work this past week with the fitness centre re-opening to the public. 

Laurier students will notice many changes upon arriving to work out at the fitness centre. The department has used the past several months to carefully discuss and develop a plan to ensure that the students and Laurier community are safe while using the Athletic Complex. 

The fitness centre in Laurier’s gym is the first amenity to re-open on Laurier’s Waterloo campus since all operations were shut down back in March. 

Laurier’s athletic department announced that the “gymnasium, pool and other recreational offerings,” will be returning in the next two phases of what is a three-phase reopening plan. Given the uncertainty that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused, the dates for the additional services or phases have not been announced. 

To work-out at the fitness centre, students must now register and book a reservation in advance to entering the amenity. The building is open Monday through Sunday and students must select one of the provided times given by the department, in which they will be allowed a maximum of one hour inside the fitness centre. 

The one-hour limit in conjunction with the 50-person capacity allows the department to actively sanitize the machines, benches and equipment that members are using. Laurier is committed to a clean and safe environment and requires their members to sanitize upon arrival as well as to wear a mask when they are not working out. 

In addition to the reservation and many of the other notable changes, the department of athletics is encouraging students to show up in fitness clothing, as no bags or locker room access will be permitted for the time being. 

The fitness centre adheres to all of the local and provincial guidelines/regulations and is committed to attaining a safe work out environment for Laurier students as the fall term begins. 

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