Feb 2, 2011


“Please take a button because I spent
my entire budget on them.”

—Saad Aslam
Candidate for the board of governors

“I would have to follow the refugee
question, of course.”

—Aneesh Lal
SBESS president defending his referendum question

“The constitution is a public
document. It’s not a secret, OK? This
is not KFC’s chicken recipe.”

—Kyle Walker
WLUSU president

“I have problems with saying words sometimes.”

—Nick Gibson, presidential candidate

“Brantford students have been promised shuttle busses, venues, the moon.”

—Matt Park, presidential candidate

“I hope I can be a great governor and board of director.”

—Tom Papanastasiou, candidate for board of governors and WLUSU board of directors

“I’m going to tell you how I got to this point and how I fell in love with WLUSU and Laurier.”

—Jenny Solda, candidate for WLUSU board of directors

“I only know what I hear on the news.”

—Jonathan Collaton, candidate for the WLUSU board of directors

“I realize I sound like Asif which is terrible.”

—Kyle Hocking, current chair of the WLUSU board of directors re: former chair of the board Asif Bacchus

“I’m not wearing my lucky Superman shirt underneath this.”

—Ryan Sher, candidate for WLUSU board of directors

“You might remember me as Sunny with some bunnies, maybe not money, love honey. You remember that.”

—Sunny Chan, candidate for WLUSU board of directors

“For those of you who don’t have it it’s 519-590-9943.”

—Aeron Lawrence, presidential candidate

“I don’t have the ends that they have because I’m not on the board…. I’m keen, don’t hate.”

– Scott Flemming, candidate for the WLUSU board of directors

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