Family on Albert Street receives death threat, block through window


Since St. Patrick’s Day, a family living on Albert Street in Waterloo has been victim to multiple threats, including a death threat and a concrete cinder block, which was thrown through their front window at 2 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

According to CBC, Scott Leatherdale, a resident living on Albert Street, has had issues with students living in the area. Leatherdale told CBC he believes the incidences are in relation to police breaking up a St. Patrick’s Day kegger that took place next door.

The first threat occurred when a car of young adults yelled a death threat at Mary Jean Costello’s husband, a victim of vandalism.

“It’s quite terrifying to know that someone was that close to our home and threw something into our window – not just in an act of vandalism, we suspect, but as an act of trying to frighten people,” Costella told CTV Kitchener.

“It seems like since that time, out of the blue, things escalated where I’m taking out the garbage and a car I recognize from the neighbourhood drives by, and a person hangs out the window and yells a death threat at me,” Leatherdale told CBC.

However, Leatherdale did not tell CBC if he called the police to break up the keg party. He also said there’s currently no proof that students are responsible for the vandalism.

“I’m not going to speculate if it was them, yes or no, but to me, I would not say it’s a coincidence that a large party gets busted and then all of a sudden we’re dealing with substantial threats to our well-being,” Leatherdale said.

In a statement from David McMurray, vice-president of student affairs at Wilfrid Laurier University, the school condemned the acts of vandalism and abusive behavior directed against the family.

“We are appalled by this behavior on our campus borders. It is inconsistent with the values of the university and of the vast majority of our students,” McMurray wrote in the statement.

The statement also noted that if Laurier students were revealed to have been involved with these acts, the school’s code of conduct will be enforced. The university will be assisting police and city bylaw enforcements in their investigations in these acts of vandalism.

“The circumstances on Albert Street are concerning and being actively investigated by our detectives with the assistance of our community resource officer. Ultimately the incidents are criminal in nature and therefore as with any report to the police being taken seriously,” said Staff Sergeant Mike Haffner of the Waterloo Regional Police Service.

Leatherdale is also a member of the MacGregor Albert Community Association, who met with Waterloo police and bylaw officers last Tuesday night.

A photo of the cinder block and broken window was uploaded to the MACA Facebook page with the caption, “Albert Street keg party “Whistle Blowers” received this “gift” Tuesday night after receiving a death threat Monday night. This is the reality of living near WLU. Help a neighbour out – write and demand action!”

Association member, Doug Woodley, told CBC he believes the police haven’t done much and wants the students identified and charged for their actions.

“We’re concerned that the police don’t regard this with the seriousness that we do. That they think this is ‘boys will be boys’ or pranks or something like that,” Woodley told CBC.

The Cord has contacted Waterloo mayor Dave Jaworsky and WRPS executive officer Mike Haffner for comment.

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  1. Filip Gabrić Avatar

    Terrifying story. However, why on earth is this couple living near a university? That’s a horrible idea considering the safety of their street, especially since they have a child.

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