Falling into fashion: campus style

(Photo by Heather Davidson)
(Photo by Heather Davidson)

Name: Carly Cunningham
Program: Second-year, communications studies
Style Inspirations? Lauren Conrad inspired her short hair.
Fashionista or Casual Dresser? “I do like looking nice and planning my outfits.”
Sweatpants in school? “I’m a victim every now and again — even though it can look good with a leather jacket.” She also included that uggs and sweatpants were the “perfect winter outfit.”









Dave Whiteside (Photo by Heather Davidson)

Name: Dave Whiteside
Program: Fourth-year, PhD in organizational behaviour
Style Inspirations? “Not really…”
Fashionisto or Casual Dresser? No comment.
Sweatpants in school? “I change into sweats immediately after school everyday but I never wear them at school.”











Krystal Gayle (Photo by Heather Davidson)

Name: Krystal Gayle
Program: Fifth-year, communication studies and psychology
Style Inspirations? “I like Rihanna when she’s a little more tamed.”
Fashionista or Casual Dresser? “I like to be comfortable.”

Sweatpants in school? “ I’m sorry but they’re a necessary part of the wardrobe, especially with those early morning classes or late nights on campus. Fashionable sweatpants exist now!”

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