Endorsement: Cathy MacLellan, Green Party of Canada


I support Cathy MacLellan as the ideal candidate for Kitchener Waterloo, both as a Green and as an individual who is wholly dedicated to her community with experience in federal politics. She is both a mother and a caring volunteer, and understands what kind of leadership is necessary to strengthen our democracy.

MacLellan knows the frustration that the voters face and agrees that it is time for change in parliament. She is an excellent choice for representing Kitchener-Waterloo as she has not only attended and participated actively in every possible local debate, including the chamber of commerce debate and attending student-held forums, but she has also made a point to reach out to student voters.

MacLellan has been vocal for both students and local youth to get out and vote, along with being open to conversation and debate from the student population.
MacLellan understands what it takes to represent all members of her riding, not just convenient demographics. She has contributed to the local economy with her company ARISE technologies, a solar technology business and has been a long-time resident of the area. MacLellan understands what it is like to be a hard-working Canadian.

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MacLellan advocates for stronger, better funded arts and culture programs, more affordable post-secondary education and sustainable transit. As a student, these options are all appealing to me — not because these are convenient options but because they will create better lives for my kids and their kids. This election isn’t only about the past, it’s about the future, and this is all for good reason: we are at a turning point in electoral reform. We can either go forward, or backward.

As a Green candidate and an entrepreneur, she knows what the triple bottom line is: sustainability. Sustainability is central to a strong, thriving economy. The Greens are not a one-trick pony. Although the environment is a central issue to Green platform, it is also a central factor in determining many things that influence our economy, including taxation/revenue and the gross domestic product. If our environment fails, then so do we as a country. We are not only behind other G8 countries in our emissions targets but are major contributors to the oil addiction. MacLellan has seen what green energy has done for Germany and wants to help Canada do the same. She is currently the Natural Resources and Energy critic for the Green Party of Canada and understands the struggle we face not only now, but in our foreseeable future.

This election is seen by many as unnecessary. MacLellan sees it as an opportunity to breathe new life into parliament. She, above all, would best represent our area and deliver the message to parliament: Waterloo Region is growing fast and needs sustainable solutions and long-term thinking. She deserves your vote, not only as an intelligent and dedicated member of this community but as someone who devotes her life to living for others. The Green Party wants what’s best for the region and Kitchener-Waterloo. Regardless of where you come from, voting matters: it’s an opportunity for you to choose which direction to step in for the future.

Marcie Foster is a current student at Wilfrid Laurier University and a current opinion columnist with The Cord

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