Editorial: celebrating the Schitt’s Creek Emmy wins

The 72nd Annual Emmy Awards aired virtually over Zoom this past Sunday night, marking a first for the televised event that celebrates the best in TV.  

Since the onset of COVID-19 put the world at a standstill back in March, many aspects of life have been upturned and re-adapted to suit what is “normal” in the current time we live in, including the way entertainment is delivered and consumed.  

And while it was truly bizarre to watch Jimmy Kimmel, this year’s host, address a near-empty Staples Center in Los Angeles where a crowd should have been sitting and to see masked recipients handed their awards, there were some bright spots in this reformatted Emmy’s ceremony.  

And for me, it was seeing Schitt’s Creek sweep the comedy category.  

The Canada-made series is one of my all-time favourite shows, and I could not be more pleased that it’s (finally) gotten the recognition that it rightly deserves.  

They took home nine Emmys in total, with each member of the fictitious Rose family accepting their own acting awards.  

This hidden gem of a show started from humble beginnings and near obscurity just a few years ago and has since grown into a widely adored sitcom.   

Like many people, I’ve leaned on my Netflix account to find comfort and an escape during these uncertain times.  

Rewatching seasons of Schitt’s Creek has certainly helped that process, even though I was gutted when the last episode aired in April.  

There’s a genuine warmth and a familiarity woven into the town of Schitt’s Creek and the characters who inhabit it, and it feels singularly unique in the way that the show presents its story.  

Dan Levy, co-creator and star as the beloved David Rose, managed to build a television safe- space where acceptance and inclusivity are second nature, and individuality and wackiness are openly embraced.  

This year hasn’t been a year of wins, but watching the Schitt’s Creek’s cast accept their slew of awards, filled with absolute joy for themselves and each other, was a reassuring and welcome distraction to be a part of.  

I generally find award shows to be predictable and disappointing, but I was pleasantly surprised that this time they seemed to get a few things right.   

It’s nice to see a Canadian TV show be so well-received and appreciated for the love and joy that it promotes.  

And even if it’s trivial, it makes me appreciate the attempt at normalcy that the Emmys provided this year: a small reminder of what things used to be like, even if they’re still so different.   

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