Editorial: Are conspiracy theorists really as “crazy” as we make them out to be?

I love conspiracy theories.

I could go on and on about ones that many people are well aware of like the Mandela effect or how Avril Lavigne died and was replaced by a clone named Melissa.

I can also go on and on about older conspiracies like how Shakespeare didn’t write any of his plays or how the moon landing was fake.

Basically, any theory about how the world works and how things function or what is on Shane Dawson’s YouTube channel, that might be seen by mainstream society as far-fetched, I am all ears.

I love these theories because although people might claim them to be fake, is there not a possibility that they are real?

Is it not cool to think of the possibility that everything might not be what it seems?

Isn’t it cool that there is the potential for everything we think we know about the world to not actually be fact?

I understand that some might be very far fetched – like the idea that Prince Charles is a vampire or how Keanu Reeves is an immortal soul who has lived through multiple identities – but some really aren’t all that unbelievable.

Isn’t it cool that there is the potential for everything we think we know about the world is not actually fact?

If we look at the Illuminati conspiracy, for example, some people think that this is impossible for such a small group of people to control the world.

But, what about the concentration of ownership? I mean in Canada alone we have barely any media diversity as a lot of big corporations own smaller ones, so basically only the top 5 companies get to say what they really think about issues.

Is it so out there to think about the truth behind weirder conspiracies? Like how it could potentially make sense that when the world was supposed to end in 2012 we actually changed dimensions to one where the Monopoly man actually doesn’t have a monocle.

I mean it might be outlandish to think about – but do you have any proof to say otherwise?

I’m beginning with conspiracy theories because the whole point of this editorial is to get people to understand that people are going to believe what they want to believe.

As long as they are not hurting anyone or an entire group of people then I do not see the issue with people believing that our entire government is made up of lizard people, because it’s honestly fun to think about.

This has a lot to do with people’s personal beliefs as well. I love to hear about religious or spiritual beliefs because a person should have the freedom to believe and support what they wish.

We should not be trying to prove why something does not exist, we should be listening to the views that people have on the world because we don’t really know how true they are.

I want to know why some people have fun in devaluing other people’s beliefs – It might seem crazy to you, but perfectly logical to them.

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