Dressing up foreplay

Happy Halloween everybody! Two weeks ago, the Naughty Prude column took a risqué turn with a question regarding threesomes.

I have decided to exempt the Q&A this week and embark on a solo mission: incorporating costumes and props into couple foreplay.

The quintessential component in emulating every fantasy is costumes. Females, just pay attention to the tiny (or not so tiny) hints he will drop.

Do they have an unwavering obsession with Star Wars, or maybe Lord of the Rings? Are they a closet Taylor Swift fan? Have they once admitted to you that Pocahontas was his all time favourite Disney movie?

You know your partner well so work with the information you have to produce the steamiest bombshell. Or, of course, just simply ask.

The use of costumes in the bedroom is an opportune time to embark on a sexual journey, indulging in your partner’s fantasy will increase the levels of arousal not just for him or her, but you as well.

The use also a great way to add excitement in the bedroom. While you are collecting items for your costume, why not pick up a blindfold? The mysteriousness creates a huge adrenaline rush for your partner.

While your partner is blindfolded surprise them with delicate props for example, a feather.

Run the ethereal material slowly over your partner’s body with their blindfold on, you are enjoying their pleasure, which in turn will arouse you.

If delicacy is  not your forte, there are other props that are available to take advantage of. Handcuffs are great for role-play, a chance to gain dominance over your partner and take charge. Whips are also a great way to exert power over your partner.

Secondly, the use of passion oils (massage oils), is enticing because it stimulates your partner’s sense of smell and touch.

There are several scents that act as an aphrodisiac: jasmine is said to induce euphoria, rose is an aphrodisiac scent for women, and ylang ylang increases libido and energy between partners and said to be one of the strongest aphrodisiac scents. You and your partner can pick your aroma for the bedroom, and witness the power of scent and touch.

While we are all prepping to put on our costumes one last time before Halloween officially ends, the act of putting on costumes does not need to come to a halt. This type of dressing up can stay inside the bedroom all year round.

The Naughty Prude is our bi-weekly sex columnist. She answers readers’ anonymous questions through her e-mail, thenaughtyprude@gmail.com.

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