Down With Webster rocks frosh

On Tuesday night Down With Webster headlined Laurier’s on-campus party at the Turret.

Opening for Webster were San Sebastian from Much Music’s Disband and Midway State.

Meanwhile, Michou and A-team’s 2009-2010 Last Band Standing champions, Funk in the Oven, performed at Wilf’s while Conor Cutz DJed in the quad.

San Sebastian hit the stage at 9:45p.m. They were well received by the crowd of energetic first-years and O-Week volunteers who were already giddy likely due to sleep deprivation and the upbeat O-Week atmosphere.

San Sebastian’s confidence, strong stage presence and catchy lyrics had the crowd fist pumping and singing along.

“I was standing on the metal ledge at one point and I was kind of leaning into the crowd,” said Sean Dawson, Sebastian’s guitarist, “When everyone started jumping, then the metal dipped and I thought ‘we’re gonna go down, this is over!’”

Though the venue stayed fully intact, the floor and speakers were literally shaking. “It’s awesome to do shows like this, I mean, what an amazing crowd,” said another band member after the show.

For their last song, “Let You Down”, they were joined by Arkell’s frontman Max Kerman.
San Sebastian will begin their cross-Canada tour with Hedley on Sept. 13.

Next to take the stage was Midway State and, like San Sebastian, they were well-received by the crowd.

Though many of their songs are slower, Midway State managed to keep the energy level high. Lead singer and keyboardist, Nathan Ferraro, was personable and engaging.

In an interview with the Cord, Ferraro stated that although he doesn’t consider himself a “great” musician, he thinks of himself as an honest musician.

This is demonstrated by many of his lyrics in songs such as “Change For You” and “Fire Keeps On Burning.”

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Photo by Elli Garlin

When headliner Down With Webster took the stage at midnight, fans erupted in applause in anticipation of a high-energy, high-impact performance.

Not one to disappoint, Down With Webster delivered just that.

Though Webster has played several times at Laurier over the past few years, it’s likely that many of the first-years had never seen them perform live before.

No doubt, they were impressed.

The band had the crowd throwing the back of their hands, W’s, and 10’s in the air and jumping until the floor shook.

After the show, an O-Week volunteer who was sitting in the 24-Lounge just below the Turret commented, “The whole room was shaking! I’ve experienced that to a lesser degree with other concerts, but this time it felt like an earthquake.”

In true Laurier Golden Hawk spirit the crowd started a rendition of the “it’s great to be a Laurier Golden Hawk” cheer, to which drummer Marty Martino added a beat and Bucky, Webster’s front man, broke out in dance.

In mid-October Down With Webster will begin touring with 3OH!3.