Don’t reconsider technology in classroom

On Oct. 19, a survey was sent to all Laurier students aimed at gauging how widespread the use of technology is in the classroom. Aside from the obvious fact that this survey is redundant and unnecessary, given how anyone can walk into any lecture hall and see technology’s prevalence, the university should be cautious about engaging in any technology policy change or discussions about policy change.

While it’s true that students can abuse the use of laptops and other devices in the classroom, it is an individual decision that each student should arrive at on their own. For accessibility needs or simply as a matter of convenience, technology is a mark of the age we are living in. We shouldn’t shy away from it.

If the university chooses to reconsider the role of technology in the classroom, the administration will be demonstrating how out of touch it is with the needs of students. Instead of debating whether there should be less of a role for technology in education, professors and administrators alike should be thinking about how to integrate it more seamlessly into classroom instruction.

—The Cord Editorial Board

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