Don’t lie, this has happened to you

(Graphic by Lena Yang)
(Graphic by Lena Yang)

Here at Laurier, we are all pretty different. We are all in different programs, go to different bars and clubs, have different social lives, different likes, dislikes and so on and so forth. However, despite these notable differences, there is definitely one thing that all of us have in common: we do embarrassing things. And also pretty regularly at that, by the way.

Now to be perfectly clear, I’m not talking about your deepest, darkest fears that embarrass you beyond belief. I am talking about those little everyday things that happen to everyone. Even though they seem to occur day in and day out and seemingly on a regular basis, nobody will ever admit to them or talk about them openly.

Therefore, we here at The Cord have made a little list of some of the most common everyday embarrassing moments that get shoved under the rug. Hopefully, this article  will help bring to light those little quirky nuances and provide everyone with a little less embarrassment when this happens to them in their everyday lives. Maybe.

Forgetting the name of someone you know you’ve met before
This can get awkward real fast. Maybe you saw them on Facebook or briefly met at a bar, either way, forgetting someone’s name is always the worst. This happens all over our campus due to its high concentration of students in a tiny space. The absolute worst is when the person knows your name which leaves you scrambling to come up with something socially acceptable to say without completely giving it away that you don’t know who they are.

Clogging your friend’s/a strangers toilet
It really doesn’t matter whether the cloggage was caused by an excessive use of paper, lackluster water pressure or if it wasn’t your fault at all.  It’s still embarrassing. The most embarrassing question to ever ask a friend (or person you don’t even know) is where they keep their plunger. Everyone knows that toilets are just the worst and the source of ultimate embarrassment. No one ever wants to talk about them, especially when you innocently use your friend’s bathroom and it somehow ends up drastically overflowing.

Trying to pay for something with debit and having “insufficient funds”
The two most dreadful words in a student’s vocabulary; “insufficient funds.” This can literally happen anywhere, from the grocery store to Conestoga Mall to the LCBO. The feeling that you get in your stomach when the lady at the cash register tells you that the transaction isn’t going through due to the lack of money in your chequing account is absolutely unbearable. Maybe it’s finally time to call mom and dad for that money transfer sooner rather than later.

Waving to someone who actually wasn’t waving at you
This is perhaps the most common embarrassing moment which we tend to cover up. When you see someone that you know or maybe don’t quite know and it looks like they may be waving at you, naturally you toss up that arm in joy to return the gleeful salute. The worst is when you finally realize it was to their best friend or their partner walking behind you. Some common cover ups include swatting away a fly or fixing your hair. You will find that you do literally anything to cover up the fact that this person’s gesture to their friend has crumbled your fantasies of being their soul mate.

Watching a movie with your parents and a sex scene comes on
This one is pretty self-explanatory. No matter how tastefully or artistically done the sex scene actually is, guaranteed you will not be able to get the thought of your parents doing the exact same thing out of your mind. Sorry, I went there.

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