Crash disrupts festivities

Two students were sent to hospital on Monday night after being hit by a car that swerved onto the sidewalk outside of Phil’s Grandson’s Place on King St. south of University Ave. Accounts of the incident estimate between ten and 15 individuals in line at Phil’s were hit by the car, however all sustained minor injuries.

Of the group of people hit by the car that evening Rod Curran, director of Wilfrid Laurier University Special Constables Services, said that three were confirmed to be Laurier students.

Tyler Keizer, a fifth-year Laurier student who was in the lineup explained that the line up to Phil’s was so long that it neared the sidewalk and turned northwards.
“I turned around and saw the car and it hit the curb and it smoked into the sign,” Keizer continued describing the incident. “As it hit the sign it turned even more, luckily, because if it didn’t it would have went through the whole back part of the line.”

Keizer said he was “side swiped” by the car, a grey Acura, however his injuries are minimal and include back pain.

“I do know someone who did go to the hospital, I’m not really too sure of his status or anything,” said Keizer of those that were with him in the accident.
Confirming that victims’ injuries were non-life threatening, Waterloo Region Police Service’s (WRPS) public affairs co-ordinator Olaf Heinzel said, “Most of them were just tissue damage, however one person here looks like they may have a broken leg.”

In a report released by WRPS, it stated that the car had veered off in attempt to avoid a southbound driving red Ford that was making a left turn. The driver of the Acura, a 27-year-old male, then lost control and skidded off the road.
Emily, a Laurier student at the scene who chose not to disclose her last name, stated that the Ford had left the scene. Heinzel was unable to verify this account, however stated that the investigation was ongoing and there are pending charges.

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