Construction almost complete

The summer campus renewal construction project is finally nearing completion; however, there are still a few elements that need to be finished.

According to Mark Dettweiler, manager of facilities and planning for physical plant and planning, the main area where work still needs to be done is around Mid Campus Drive.

There is some landscaping that needs to be completed, including detailing the flowerbeds and plant lots.

Workers still need to remove the stairs near the Seminary, which they will be doing in the coming weeks.

“We have also added some more sidewalk between the Seminary building and Albert Street,” said Dettweiler, noting that the “old asphalt walkway” is being replaced by a new sidewalk.

This part of the construction is set to begin next week, after Homecoming weekend.

It should be complete by the end of October.

The flowerbeds and other general landscaping tasks are expected to be finished mid-October.

Site furnishings, including benches and ashtrays, have not yet been installed in the reconstructed areas, as well as new bike racks.

“We’re getting bike rings, and they are taking longer to get here than I had hoped, and I’m not sure when exactly they will be delivered,” said Dettweiler, adding that the delivery time for the racks was longer than expected.

Overall the construction has stayed on budget, despite the minor setbacks.