Conferences are for students


Conferences are often assumed to be something adults, businessmen or even Star Trek fanatics do in the “real world” to establish connections and gain information.

While the idea of a conference can elicit feeling of intimidation, they are not exclusive to professionals; university students should participate in them more often.

Conferences are a platform for like minded people to come together and gain insight and knowledge from experts and others in their field.

One of the largest misconceptions about conferences is that they are strictly for experts, but this isn’t the case.

The primary job of a student is to learn; since conferences serve as a controlled forum for the sharing of information, students should be encouraged to attend various conferences.

A conference is an excellent place for students to gain perspective on a given topic and bridge the gap between institutionalized education and hands-on experience.

This is important because there is a difference between learning about a topic and understanding how your education will serve you in the real world. Conferences have the ability to expand one’s university experience outside of the on-campus environment.

They are advantageous because participants can make useful contacts that could lead to a job in their field and also offer one the opportunity to meet individuals who share the same interests.
Overall, conferences are something everyone should participate in.

This weekend, Laurier is hosting the Global Citizenship conference, which is a great way to begin to enhance your education if you are at all interested in global sustainability and social accountability.

Up and Coming Conferences

Global Citizenship Conference
8:30 a.m. (Fri. Jan. 22) – 6:30 p.m. (Sun. Jan. 24)
Science Atrium, Bricker Academic, the Turret and Kitchener City Hall
Keynote: Andrea Smith, Carlos Andreas Gomez; $15 student tickets
Click here to visit the website
Click here to see Facebook Group

Beating the Odds Conference
Fri. Feb. 26, around campus, held by the Association of Black Students

Laurier Toronto Speaker Series: Shift Happens… 5 things you need to know to be a successful shift distributer in the next decade
Jan. 28 at 12:30
130 King St. West Toronto
Speakers: Steve Farlow and Alan Quarry; free
Click here to learn more

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