Amalgamation disadvantages Kitchener, not just Waterloo

Re: “What would you think of a possible amalgamation of Kitchener and Waterloo?” Vocal Cord, Jan. 13

As an individual that has grown-up in the region and know it well that the question of whether Kitchener and Waterloo should amalgamate is a terrible idea. 

It is correct that Waterloo has a better reputation than Kitchener; however, Waterloo has the highest taxes, worst roads, and property prices are astronomical due to a lack of space. 
A friend’s family recently switched cities and his parents now regret it because of the extra costs Waterloo requires. 

Also, the local Waterloo government was running a deficit, even bigger than the one Kitchener has been forced to run due to the recession. 

Waterloo now claims to have a surplus, which is only due to a dramatic cut in services coincided with a tax hike; that does not sound like the type of city I would like. 

This may be speaking from the perspective of a Kitchenerite but, a few years back this debate actually occurred and it was the Waterloo citizens who did not want to amalgamate. 
Citizens on both sides of the boundary do not want this to happen.

For those who know the intricacies of the two governments and the distinct direction and culture each city has taken and is pursuing understands that the status quo is more than acceptable. 

–Peter Hughston