Breaking the ice


Andrew Jenkins with a friend. (Contributed photo)

Name: Andrew Jenkins

Year:Fourth Year Kinesiology

Team: Green Aviators

Most memorable O-Week experience: “Best moment was the first time I went to an event with my whole floor as a unit. The first interaction with potential lifelong friends.”

What O-Week Activity are you most excited about this year: “I’m most excited for the talent show because it’s a spectacular chance for incoming first years to really leap outside of their comfort zone and showcase their passions.”

Advice for first-year students: “Don’t be nervous! There are thousands of first years experiencing all of this for the first time just like you! The last thing you should be is worried, because everyone else is on the exact same page. Put yourself out there, find that Golden Hawk passion and buckle up for the most stellar four years of your life!”






Michael Keating (Contributed photo)

Name: Michael Keating

Year: Fourth Year Communications Major

Team: Red Defenders

Most memorable O-Week experience: “My most memorable experience during O-Week was definitely Shinerama. I recommend all first years to go out for it and I promise you won’t regret it.”

What O-Week Activity are you most excited about this year: “I’m really pumped for the cheer-off because I know that the energy and enthusiasm from all of the first years and ice breakers is going to make it an incredible atmosphere. It’s the one event that reminds us all how much school spirit Laurier truly has. Red Defenders are going to kill it this year! Just thought I’d throw that out there.

Advice for first-year students: “My advice to all of you first years is take advantage of your O-week. It’s the one week you can just go up to anyone and say hi without it being awkward at all so get out there and socialize with everyone. Trust me when I tell you that the friends you make during O-week are going to be the ones you end up being the closest with. If you want to make the most out of your next few years here, get involved! Find what interests you, whether it’s a club or a sports intramural, and join it. Get ready to have some unforgettable times!”


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