Boot-iful or UGG-ly?

Shoulder pads, parachute pants, Crocs… a lot of ridiculous fashion trends have come and gone over the years. However, there is one fad that seems to have decided to stick around season after season here at Laurier: the UGG boot.

Whether you love them or hate them, many girls seem to love them and insist on wearing them day in and day out.

Whether worn over skinny jeans, with track pants, tights or skirts, UGGs have become a necessity in many people’s wardrobes.

So what is it about UGGs that is so contagious, and why has the fad been so long-lasting? “I love how comfortable they are,” says Ruhi Mamuji, a third-year global studies student.

“Practicality-wise though, they are a mess. You can’t wear them in snow or rain.”

That sentiment was echoed by many other Laurier students. A number of girls admitted to owning UGGs but said they were awful for the winter weather.

After all, these boots, imported from Australia, were crafted for Australian weather conditions.

One must conclude that comfort seems to be the shoes’ main selling point.

As with Crocs, many Laurier students said they owned them simply for the comfort.

Very few students said they bought UGGs for their good looks. “I love them! They’re comfy and warm,” said Megan Gardner, a first-year communication studies student.

What intrigues me is the fact that so many students wear them, yet an overwhelming number of people said how much they dislike them. UGGs seem to be people’s guilty pleasure.

In short, they aren’t the best footwear for any weather. Many people find them ugly or generic.

Yet, there remains a strong devotion at Laurier and elsewhere to UGGs. So, the only question left is, will you be sporting UGGs this winter?