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Everyone  has a checklist of qualities that they look for in a roommate. The qualities that are generally appreciated in a new roommate are cleanliness, agreeability, calmness and someone who is not overly emotional. When choosing a roommate, people are generally selective about the sex of their new roommate.

People generally have a gender in mind when looking at who is going to be living in their house with them. Even landlords sometimes prefer one gender to the other. This leads us to wonder: who makes the better roommate? Boys or girls?
It is no secret that there is stereotypically more drama among female relationships, as opposed to male relationships. When looking at arguments, statistically, females tend to brood over situations that have occurred, whereas males tend to move on. Does this mean that male roommates are easier to get along with than female roommates? Third-year Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) student, Mckenna Baldock appreciated their easy-going nature.

“No grudges, no cat fights, and not being fake. They were real and it was refreshing,” Baldock said.  Although Baldock found aspects of having male roommates beneficial, she added that it is not completely perfect.

“For them, there was always ‘tomorrow’ to clean but tomorrow never came,” Baldock said.

There is no such thing as a ‘perfect’ roommate and it is important to prioritize the qualities that you look for in a roommate. However, cleanliness seems to be a common problem in having male roommates. Third year WLU student, Maddie Stock, said, “The only thing that had caused a bit of tension would be their cleanliness. They don’t clean or put anything away so I can see that becoming an issue in the future.”

After asking about drama and cleanliness, I was curious to find out if roommates becoming ‘more than roommates’ was a concern. It can complicate co-ed living situations.

“Living with roommates, your friendship is taken to another level, which in a guy-girl dynamic could be construed as being more than just a friendship,” Stock explained. “This is where problems may also come up.”

Are males better roommates than females? It is entirely subjective. Males can make excellent roommates. There is generally less drama, as they are more laid back and if you can keep a platonic relationship, they make great roommates. However, it depends entirely on what you are looking for in a roommate.  It is important that you rank the qualities that you look for in a roommate because, like I mentioned before, there is no such thing as a perfect roommate.

Try not to focus on the gender and focus more on their qualities as a person and if you think they are someone that you could get along well enough to live with. Best of luck Golden Hawks!

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