Beyoncé, Jay-Z go On the Run

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are simply flawless.

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The power couple came to Toronto on July 9 for their first tour together, called “On the Run,” and their show was nothing short of spectacular. As audience members flocked into the arena, a jumbo screen reading “this is not real life” was causing intrigue.

The concert was focused on the husband and wife, whose chemistry — both romantically and professionally — were on fire. Beyoncé, who has the energy and fervor of Tina Turner and Diana Ross, performed hits such as “Partition,” “Single Ladies” and “Run the World.”

Beyoncé, recognized for her nonstop energy and dance moves, showed just how strong her vocals really are when she sang her softer songs such as “Resentment” and “If I Were a Boy.” It was a nice change of pace to see her vulnerable and show audiences where her strengths truly lie.

Her outfits require a review unto themselves, with a black mesh ninja mask, glittery red-fringed bodysuit and ivory pantsuit taking the cake. Her skin-baring outfits were a celebration of her womanly body and killer curves.

Jay-Z for his part stayed true to his Brooklyn roots during his set, as he took the spotlight for showstoppers such as “99 Problems,” “Tom Ford” and “Dirt off Your Shoulder.” His best outfit of the evening was without a doubt his monochromatic Rodarte basketball jersey with the word “Problems” emblazoned above the number 99.

In contrast to his wife, Jay-Z’s solos were much more low-key, but his cool charisma still delivered a successful performance while managing to poke fun of celebrities such as Justin Bieber by showing his 2013 mug shot with the spiteful lyric, “even the best fall down.”

The most memorable moments of the concert were when Beyoncé and Jay-Z sang their duets together. Their set list included “Crazy in Love,” “Holy Grail” and the famous “Drunk in Love,” which set audiences into hysterics when Jay-Z nuzzled his wife at the end of the song.

When the duo sang a cover of “Forever Young,” the screen read “this is real life,” showing exclusive clips from the tour, their secret wedding and footage of their young daughter.

The show ended with the couple giving a bow before walking offstage with their arms around one another.

The concert was a mix of fierce dance beats and moments of shared intimacy between not just Beyoncé and Jay-Z, but with their fans as well. Unfortunately, this also means that other concerts just might not meet the bar in terms of performance and theatricality.

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