Best study spaces on and off campus


File photo by Ryan Hueglin
File photo by Ryan Hueglin

Sometimes it’s just impossible to get studying done at home, where distractions run rampant. TV, a fridge full of food and your roommates often become excuses to put the books down and procrastinate. Sometimes you just need to get away and get work done somewhere with minimal distractions.

Wilfrid Laurier University’s campus has many spaces for optimal studying, however they often get cramped during midterms and exams.

Waterloo has a ton of places that are perfect for studying and aren’t nearly as busy as those campus spots.

Coffee Culture
Coffee Culture is one of my favourite places to study or just hang out with a warm drink. It doesn’t get overly busy during peak study times, so you’re not fighting for a place to sit. There’s a variety of seating options — small and large tables, as well as huge leather armchairs — and the atmosphere is very relaxed. Plus, there’s free WiFi.

Waterloo Public Library

Somehow students always seem to forget about the public library.

It’s quiet and there’s a ton of seating — perfect for solo study times. A bonus is that you’re literally surrounded by books, so you will most likely find every book you need for a paper there without having to compete with your entire class for the one copy in the Laurier library.

The one down side is the library closes pretty early, so you’ll have to relocate if you want to study late at night.

Princess Café

It’s hardly a secret, but Princess Café is amazing. It’s small and cozy inside and they have absolutely delicious sandwiches for you to chow down on while you study.

The entire building has an artistic feel to it — the café is nestled inside the same building as the Princess Twin Cinema, the most adorable movie theatre you’ll ever visit — so it’s next to impossible to get writer’s block here.

It is possible to find places on campus to study that aren’t as packed as the solarium, concourse or library, they’re just a little less obvious.

LSPIRG office
LSPIRG’s office is across the street from the library and has comfortable seating and a relaxed environment. The office itself is really cool and not many people know that it’s open for students to use.
DAWB quiet study rooms
On floors three through five of the DAWB you’ll find small study areas that are open for students to use. When I say small, I mean small. They’re nice for small groups of people or even solo studying, but they tend to fill up during exam season, so get there early if you want to reserve it.

Now that you’re in the know with all the best study spaces on and off campus, you’ll be more than prepared when midterms roll around.



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