Best patio spots near Laurier’s campus

Photo by Heather Davidson
Shoeless Joe’s patio (Photo by Heather Davidson)

When you think about summer, a few obvious things come to mind. Beaches, BBQs, the horrendous farmers tans and of course patios. Whether it’s in your backyard, front yard or down the street, outdoor patios are essential to summer serenity.

For those currently residing in wonderful Waterloo, there are a few outdoor patios that are a must hit before Fall semester comes creeping up.

As a self-proclaimed patio connoisseur, I have selected three particular outdoor eateries that are perfect for the summer student budget and lifestyle. All three have their own unique flare and style that can cater to all of your patio preferences.

Shoeless Joes (253 King St N):
Conveniently located right at King and University, this two level bar and grill comes equipped with a rooftop patio.

The atmosphere is relaxed and easy going. having a bird’s eye view right over the busiest intersection in Waterloo also doesn’t hurt. The food is delectable – I recommend The Closer sandwich – and the beer selection is fairly standard and everything is decently priced which is a good choice for the less than plentiful student budget.

Morty’s Pub (272 King St N):
If you are unfamiliar with the legendary Morty’s Pub, either you don’t go to Laurier or you have been living under rock in Waterloo Park. It’s impossible to miss their massive sign towering right over their King Street patio. The atmosphere is ideal for any student interested in people watching, as the patio is right on the King Street sidewalk.

Photo by Heather Davidson
Morty’s patio (Photo by Heather Davidson)

The food quality is impeccable and the beer variety is on point. However, with quality comes cost. Make sure to budget appropriately when planning your next Morty’s patio visit.
Ethel’s Lounge (114 King St N):
This is Waterloo’s hidden gem. Their patio is probably the biggest and most extensive included in this list. The atmosphere is inclusive and the staff makes you feel like a regular, even if it’s your first visit.

I don’t think there has been one time I’ve gone and haven’t found myself in tears from a witty comment or joke courtesy of the serving staff.

The food is a unique blend of classic pub favourites and some tex-mex creations. The prices are reasonableand you definitely get what you pay for each time.

Ethel's patio (Photo by Heather Davidson)
Ethel’s patio (Photo by Heather Davidson)

Others to check out in Waterloo:
• Chainsaw
• Heuther Hotel (Barley Works)
• McMullan’s Pub and Grill
• Crabby Joes
• Beertown

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