Take a hike!

The Cord’s guide to the K-W trails.

Photo by  Ryan Hopkins
Photo by Ryan Hopkins

Laurel Creek

Whether it is hiking, camping, swimming or canoeing, Laurel Creek has it all. These trails circle the park and create a picturesque scene for anyone to view for only $5.75. Unlike most trails, Laurel Creek’s tracks are not made of stone or asphalt. Instead they are simply grass, which creates a more personal experience. Escape the city life with this trail.

Huron Natural Area

Located in Huron Park in Kitchener, this area offers many incredible sights for tourists. The Huron Trail unites the Forest, Plantation, Meadow, Woodland and Creek trails, each of which offers a different experience for walkers. Expect to see butterflies, birds, fish and if you are lucky you may even see some bats when the sun begins to set.

Walter Bean Trail

Located along the Grand River, this trail offers a pleasant view of rushing waters and a number of trees that dwell alongside. Though the majority of this trail is along the water, many sections of it take you up steep hills to give you a spectacular view of the Grand River from up above. This family-friendly trail has benches for breaks and great fishing spots.

Lakeside Park

This Kitchener park is often described as a hidden oasis. It features a variety of pathways that intertwine the park with many others in the surrounding area, making it feel much larger in length. Watch for a range of aquatic birds, colourful fish and even turtles at the pond. Many have claimed to have seen deer roaming the area from time to time.

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