Beachwear for the guys


Graphic by Lena Yang
Graphic by Lena Yang

As all of us move deeper into the balmy summer season, there is no doubt many will be heading to family cottages, local beaches or even a half blown up “kiddy pool” just to catch a break from this massive heat wave.

Fellas, we may all be on summer break but, that’s no reason for your style to take a vacation too. You are going to want to keep up appearances and follow the flawless recommendations of beachwear for guys. You can start by throwing out your oversized Hawaiian flower cargo bathing suit!

The new trend for men’s swimwear is a slimmer and shorter trunk. They should be similar to a pair of tailored shorts in length, contrary to the horrendous below-the-knee board shorts that have become a staple among many misguided male beach goers. The real benefit of  the current swimwear cuts are that they can easily transform from beachwear to bar scene and don’t look out of place. The slimmer cuts in a bolder and brighter print or colour are a courageous way of showing confidence in contrast to the typical board short varieties. This will set you apart from the majority of guys on la playa.

Even if you aren’t planning on wearing a shirt to the beach, it is always a good call to have one on deck in case you need to quickly dress things up. Try a simple block colour or even a patterned t-shirt that compliments your trunks for great beach body energy. You also can’t go wrong with a classic naval themed Breton stripe or a firm bright coloured top that may add a bit of boldness to your beachside threads. Even if you’re not a fan of the big print trends, you could try any kind of printed tee. Tribal and some floral patterns are just a few cool prints that will dress you up when you are wave-side.

A solid pair of sunglasses is literally the perfect summer accessory no matter what you wear. Stay away from wrap-around frames that might pose too Jersey Shore-esque and be sure to hunt around for the perfect frame that flatters your facial structure. Whether you’re making your sunglasses a long term investment or looking to save a little cash by buying a cheaper pair, it never hurts to do your homework. My recommendation?

A fresh pair of wayfarers or flat tops will be sure to do more than block those UV rays.

Aside from the obvious flip flop choice, boat shoes are a definite favourite and this season’s coloured versions are undeniably worth considering, especially if your beachwear apparel is lacking in colour.

They can be used as the perfect accent for a more neutral trunk and top combo.

Keep in mind, you don’t want to make it seem as if you are wearing bananas as shoes, so make sure to keep it classy at all times.

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