Be yourself at THEMUSEUM’s ‘B’


Photo by Jessica Dik
Photo by Jessica Dik

B authentic, B unique, B craft, B cool, B kind, and B @ THEMUSEUM. This is the mantra of the new restaurant that will be occupying THEMUSEUM’s King Street storefront on October 9. In partnership with the Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre, ‘B’ will feature 10 craft beers along with an extensive menu.

A partnership was sparked when the hotel was interested in expanding and the vacancy was an opportunity to tap into the downtown Kitchener market. Billie-Anne Arthur, general manager at Cambridge Hotel and Conference Centre, said that in terms of further expansion and movement, they plan to stay within the tri-cities.

“That’s where our home is and that is where we want to stay and be a part of,” said Arthur.

In discussing an appropriate name, the team discussed the importance of being at THEMUSEUM and being whatever you wanted to be — to foster a sense of community. Robin Lefebvre, beer and hospitality manager at B, says that the restaurant aims to be “community-based” and to convey comfort.

“You can be yourself in this space, whatever that means to you,” she said.

The restaurant creates a warm atmosphere with a complete rustic finish and yellow pendant lights. There are spaces in the restaurant filled with brown leather couches topped with cat pillows.

To add to its quirky demeanour, the restaurant installed “cabinets of curiosity” that will house interesting facts about the space.

Its name and physical exterior fits into THEMUSEUM’s theme. The cabinets will integrate important values like knowledge, learning and development, which is what one can expect going into the museum.

Furthermore, both managers expect a variety of people at the restaurant. Despite being located at the core of corporations such as Manulife and Sun Life Financial, ‘B’ hopes to attract young professionals, students, as well as families.

“I keep referring to it almost as an extension to your home, an extension into your living room. It’s very warm and inviting. So different groups within our community base will be coming to experience the place,” said Lefebvre.

“Live entertainment on the weekends but we can still service families that are coming into THEMUSEUM so we are very kid friendly as well,” said Arthur.

David Marskell, CEO of THEMUSEUM, said this new restaurant is a step up from its predecessor.

“With the craft beers and so on I think this just takes it to a new level. The new operators have an extensive food and beverage experience so the actual venue will be a step up,” he said.

In terms of B’s “fit” into THEMUSEUM, Marskell said the idea behind the name expresses positivity.

“B at THEMUSEUM will become part of the vernacular and people will just accept it. It has grown on me a lot.” The restaurant will have a soft opening until October 8 to test out kinks before its official debut on October 9 right in time for Oktoberfest.

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