Be original this Halloween

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Photo by Andreas Patsiaouros

Photo by Andreas Patsiaouros

Standing in front of your closet trying to find a costume for Halloween at the last possible minute has become as much of a tradition as trick or treating itself.

Just a few days until Halloween kicks off, now is the time to start figuring out what costumes are going to make you look like the coolest person at Phil’s.

The past few years have shown that people have begun rejecting store-bought Halloween costumes, seeing as no one has $90 to make themselves look like a sexy football player for a night.

That’s not to say that store-bought costumes are a thing of the past — it’s just more likely they came from Wal-Mart or Value Village and may often be comically small for you.

The biggest trend in Halloween costumes recently has been the transition from sexy and sultry to witty and clever. A good one is the “Ariana Grande Latte” — act like a giant diva, to only be photographed from one side and find a shirt that has a Starbucks logo on it.

In addition, Halloween is the best time of the year to show that you follow the news. Topical Halloween costumes are always a guaranteed winner. However, with this kind of costume you have to be educated on what event you have chosen.

Going as Jasmine Tridevil — the woman with three breasts — is funny, but going as Malaysia Airline Flight 370 or anything to do with Ferguson, Missouri is completely inappropriate and should get you the cold shoulder. Don’t be ignorant.

With Frozen coming out after Halloween last year it’s likely that a ton of people will be Elsa or Olaf. While this is all well and good, try putting an interesting spin on the costume to stand out from the crowd. Zombie anything is still popular — why not Zombie Elsa?

Recently, makeup-based costumes have also seen a rise in popularity as the clothing aspect is usually easily accomplished. Exploring what you can do with some mascara or face paint is a great way to be creative and show emphasis to any costume.

A very popular option is the painted-on skull — a Google search shows an incredible amount of simple tutorials make it seem real and authentic. Just make sure your costume is not too obscure. No one wants to have to explain their what they dressed as .

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