B. Rich takes Chainsaw ‘out for a rip’

B. Rich performed at Chainsaw on Friday. (Photo by Jody Waardenburg)

Since late November, Brandon Richmond, better known as B. Rich, has managed to accomplish something most aspiring artists look forward to but never achieve: get millions of views on YouTube while creating a cultural phenomenon simultaneously.

If YouTube seems to be a regular part of your life and you live anywhere in Ontario, it’s safe to assume you’re familiar with the hit song “Out For a Rip.”

On Jan. 17, B. Rich stopped by Chainsaw to give fans a better glimpse into who he is and ultimately take everyone “out for a rip.”

Chainsaw had a great atmosphere within the bar that night and was, without doubt, the best overall choice of venue for the type of theme “Out For a Rip” incorporates.

Chainsaw had a country feel to it which invited everyone in the room to briefly get back in touch with their true Canadian roots. As the show started, B. Rich had command of the stage from the beginning and the crowd was eager to return the energy.

After a great set, everyone left satisfied with the crowd hinting at their desire for the return for the newYouTube icon.

It’s sometimes hard to measure internet success as it can spread so quickly and be offered on so many forms of media, however, iTunes now offers the track and this will hopefully show B. Rich how well-received the humorous song really is.

As the song continues to spread across the country and gain popularity, some have even gone so far as to suggest replacing the old national anthem with “Out For a Rip,” which is a huge honour in itself.

“Yeah it’s pretty crazy, it’s definitely an unexpected, cool thing, that’s going on right now… [and] I’ve been trying to find out, but [iTunes] is weird about sales and numbers so it takes a month or two months, it’s kind of a mystery right now,” B. Rich told The Cord about his overnight success.

By far the most appealing aspect of “Out For a Rip” has to be the lyrics. Completely original, they seem to fit almost perfectly with some of the values of Canadians. Whether it be the stereotype of being too nice, learning how to cross-check  properly before learning to walk or the undying hope that the Maple Leafs might make the playoffs this year, “Out For a Rip” hits them all.

Aside from the catchy lyrics, the music video is hands down a must-see and an important component of the hype surrounding the song. B. Rich and his friends can been seen acting out most of the hilarious lyrics and, of course, going “out for a rip.”

“The lyrics were all me: the video is listed ‘and friends’ cause they are actually just a bunch of my friends, but for the most part it was just an idea I had and I kind of brought everybody in. I picked certain buddies I knew that would fit the bill for the characters,” he continued.

“I think my favourite part was the timing of it, it was kind of done on a whim, it was super last minute … and finishing it and realizing it looked exactly like I pictured it in my head doesn’t happen very often.”

From large urban cities to small rural communities, it’s becoming difficult to not get caught up in the trend. Everyone from university students across the province, NHL players and famous Canadian actor Jay Baruchel, have reached out to the Canadian YouTube sensation over the popularity of the song. With such success in such a small amount of time, hopefully this won’t be last unofficial national anthem courtesy of B. Rich.

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