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You get to a certain point in the semester where you just can’t read anymore. We, at The Cord, understand that struggle. We too get tired of reading from time to time.

That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you suggestions of what you can do with The Cord when you can’t look at another word. You may recall that last issue met a troubling demise, so to avoid such tragedies for the future, check out our list compiled by the Editorial Board.

  1. A Bust for Extra Credit: Try a Papier-mâché bust of your professor. Of course we can’t guarantee it will work — no professor has written to us in pleas that we suggest you take on an art project — but you never know, often the best gifts are the most unexpected.
  2. Make a hat: Nothing says stylish than wearing the latest issue of The Cord on your head. Dazzle the whole university with this bold fashion choice!
  3. Use us as a doormat: Want to literally walk all over us? Throw a few copies of The Cord on the ground and keep your shoes clean!
  4. Make a raft: Sometimes life’s troubles become too much to handle, grab a few dozen stacks of The Cord and try to float away from it all.
  5. Make 10,000 paper airplanes: Could you really use a wish right now? A la B.o.B, pretend these newsworthy planes are shooting stars!
  6. Build a house: Worried about the current housing market? So are we. Try and build a house out of newspaper, after all those avocadoes we’ll need all the help we can get.
  7. Bring out your inner Pablo Escobar: But instead of two million dollars, burn 1000 copies of The Cord (because you don’t have two million dollars and you are not Pablo Escobar).
  8. Get loud: Nothing says fun like DIY noise-makers. If you roll up The Cord, it actually turns into a decent horn!
  9. Get revenge: On house flies, that is. It’s common knowledge that newspapers are the world’s best fly-swatters.
  10. Special Snowflakes: Nothing says special like holiday decorations that are up-to-date with campus news.
  11. Let’s wrap this up: does anyone actually buy wrapping paper for gifts anymore? Use The Cord!

But the absolute best thing you can do with The Cord? Actually read it. We put hours of effort into designing a paper worthy of Wilfrid Laurier University and while everyone may not agree with what gets published it’s still important to remain informed. So, before you embark on these creative endeavours — which, by the way, we definitely recommend ones that wouldn’t endanger your life — try reading the paper first.

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