Arts bites: Oct. 7, 2009

Backstreet Boy has swine flu

In the midst of what seems like their fifth or sixth comeback in the last couple of years, the Backstreet Boys have had to cancel a few of their upcoming appearances because Brian Litrell has reportedly come down with swine flu.

It can be assumed that this is a devastating blow to whatever remains of their fanbase from 1999 – but girls, steady your wildly palpitating hearts. The remaining BSBs have been given the Tamiflu vaccination to prevent the spread of illness within the group.

Even more shocking, who knew that Kevin wasn’t in the band anymore?

–Sarah Murphy

Thom Yorke’s new band?

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke announced online last week his creation of a new band that includes Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea.

The band debuted on Sunday at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angelas.

Yorke’s new mysterious band has yet be named, entitling themselves “??????” at the show on Sunday.

Don’t worry, Radiohead has promised they aren’t breaking up. It’s just Yorke being his spontaneous old self.

–Rebecca Vasluianu

Letterman fail: number 896

If you weren’t completely certain that David Letterman, host of the Late Show, is a complete jerk, recent events had made it clear.

Last Thursday, the host admitted to sleeping with several of his staff members, in light of a $20 million blackmail scheme.

This Monday marked the first show since Letterman made the admission; during the show he apologized to his staff members and current wife Regina Lasko.

In light of his recent inappropriate sexual comments about Sarah Palin’s underage daughter, Letterman seems to be making a profession out of alienating his fans and family.

–Rebecca Vasluianu

Method Man evades taxes

American hip-hop artist Method Man was brought to a courthouse Monday morning in Staten Island for tax evasion.

Method Man has been failing to pay his taxes for a grand total of three years and he currently owes $32, 799.

This isn’t the first strange, illegal thing Method Man has done, probably in a crunken stupor. In August he was sued for shooting a fan in the face with a pellet gun.

–Rebecca Vasluianu