Arts bites: November 21, 2012

Bye bye vampires
They have superpowers, they are immortal but most importantly — they are so good looking they glitter in the sunlight. I think it’s safe to say everytime a Twilight movie comes out, we are reminded that vampires hit the genetic jackpot. This past Friday, thousands of fans around Canada lined up to bid a final goodbye as they watched the last installment of the Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2. Team Edward twihards can finally rest assured that their favourite bloodsucking couple will have an eternity together.

Lohan + Franco + R.E.M = eccentric overload
What do you get when the over-achieving “I do everything” celebrity collaborates with the poster girl for celebrity meltdowns? You get America’s most politically active rock-and-roll groups hiring you for their music video. Last week, R.E.M released their latest video for their song “Blue” directed by James Franco starring Lindsay Lohan. Seriously. Shot exactly how you would imagine a James Franco music video. The song is accompanied by a montage of avant-garde clips of road signs, old TVs and yes, Lindsay Lohan. Weird? Yes. Pretentious? Yes. Necessary? Not Really.

What to watch when hibernating
This week, three highly anticipated films launch off the film-packed winter season. Silver Linings Playbook: The romantic comedy-drama stars two of Hollywood’s ‘it’ celebrities, Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Tt’s received high praise holding a 90 per cent “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Life of Pi:  Directed by Oscar winner Ang Lee, this film is based on Yann Martel’s hit novel about the spiritual journey of a young boy stranded at sea with a Bengal tiger.

Rise of The Guardians: In spirit of the Holiday season, DreamWorks Animations transformed beloved jolly-old Saint Nick into a tough, tattooed, action hero voiced by Alec Baldwin.
– Compiled by Robin Daprato

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