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Nick Carter Putting It All on Paris

What do you get when you mix a frosted-tipped teen idol and socialite royalty Paris Hilton? A dead career and  drug addiction.

That’s right, former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter says his drug use was so bad it screwed up his brain — and he is blaming none other than Paris Hilton.

The cutest Backstreet Boy said that in 2003, when they were together, Paris “fed my worst impulses as far as partying.” As for what kind of partying, Nick said it was all about cocaine, ecstasy and large amounts of vodka.

Sorry Nick, we DON’T want it that way.


Animal Rights Group Boycotts Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V crossed the line by allowing game-playing children to run over, behead and kill animals.

This obviously didn’t sit well with a prominent animal rights group who is calling for a boycott.

Jack Carone from “In Defense of Animals” claims he is disgusted that Rockstar Games is capitalizing on animal torture.

The ability to kill animals in the game is definitely not a new feature and animal violence has been included in every single GTA game.

I’m doubtful that this will stop hundreds of thousands of teens from buying it.


Kanye West Charged For Paparazzi Attack

Yeezus has been charged with criminal battery and attempted grand theft for attacking a paparazzo at LAX on July 19.

Kanye went HAM on the nosey photog who dared to speak with him as he left the airport. The man attacked went to the hospital claiming he had “severe injuries” and has filed a lawsuit.

If convicted, Kanye could face up to a year in federal prison. I don’t think Jordans and jump suits go together well.


M.I.A. Not Giving A Dime

M.I.A. is refusing to pay the NFL a dime for flipping the middle finger during the Super Bowl last year.

She thinks a group of crotch-flashing cheerleaders were way more offensive and should be the ones coughing up coin.

M.I.A. posted a video this week claiming the girls were all under the age of 16 in “very sexually provocative positions.”

Doesn’t sound like M.I.A. plans to back down anytime soon as she referred to the situation as a “powerful corporation d**k shaking.”


Pacman Jones Arrested

Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested again, this time it was during a DUI stop where he wasn’t even the suspect.

Pacman was the passenger in a car when Ohio State Patrol pulled them over and supposedly mouthed off to officers while they were conducting a field sobriety test on the woman driving. The Cincinnati Bengals’ cornerback was arrested for disorderly conduct and then shortly released.

I hope Pacman doesn’t forget about his recent criminal charge as he was caught on surveillance cameras hitting a woman outside a nightclub back in June.


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